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1982 Honda MB5 or MB50 review

A review on my classic MB5, see how fast it goes!!!!!!


Roadcraft Nottingham is a UK motorcycle school which was established in March 1989.

I am a fully qualified professional motorcycle instructor of 35 years and offer motorcycle riding tips and tips on riding a motorcycle for the first time.

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Here's a link to how to assess bends or curves

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Sim 250 : I had a black one, my first bike. It was stolen unfortunately.
Wayne Pantry : Was this a joke test ? What's wrong with it ? Apart from you trying to flood it with the full twist on the throttle all of the time. Twist the throttle as it accelerates. They all had 7hp and did 105kph on a good day.
henree simp : My dad bought me one brand new in 82 off the show room floor at honda of Clearwater florida that thing was so fun and dependable and mine would hit 55 mph everytime
Russ Bere : I had the black and gold one. Brand new when I was just 16. My mum and dad scraped to buy this at £300.00 but they did. I love my mum and dad still so much even though now they have passed..
John Still John : Nice...! The H100 engine fits straight in, by the way...

MB5: How to Unlock Tight Shoulders

Often times the pecs and lats can become short and tight, which leads to increase tension in the neck, lack of mobility in the shoulder and sometimes shoulder pain. Learn how to use the MB5 massage ball to release tightness and discomfort and increase mobility.
WuTangghost0007 : ding!!!. wtf
WuTangghost0007 : the sound in the beginning sucks
Patrick : i currently only have the mb1. is the mb5 highly recommended for pecs and shoulders or is the mb1 all right?
ihaveyuidonttouchme : love your products!
looks like mb5 is not yet live for us Canadians (360 conditioning doesnt have em)
Tony Rock : I am so getting the MB5. Probably great for scapula rolling too.

MB5: How to Unlock Tight Hips

The muscles around the hips become short and dysfunctional due to a sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to injury and lack of mobility. Learn how to use the MB5 to regain natural movement in the hips, so the muscles can fire at the right time, and increase stability and control of the entire leg. To purchase the MB5 visit tptherapy.com
Dean Calvert : Why not just use a foam roller?
Dagreatest Smith : Just about the dumbest shit I have seen.
tongbeifamily : these can help to improve opening hips for martial arts ?
MsKatalind : What size mb5 are you using?
Training Supernova : Really good MB5-Demo! ordered my MB5 before the video concluded. Adding the MB5 to my triggerpoint performance therapy arsenal! Keep up the awesome work guys!

Honda MB5 Cold Start




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